Who’s ready for the online event?

Afternoon planner friends!

Thought we would pop on here to say hello and check in with you guys.
So I’m sure many of you would agree, 2020 so far has been a giant flop. Many of you have said you are struggling to plan while everything else is going on at the moment. It certainly kills motivation while staying in an alert state 24/7. Its important for us all to remember, planning shouldn’t be a chore.
We all started planning for a different reason, it may help your mood, or be the reason you’ve made lots of new friends, it could allow you to step into something new like attending an event or just be a space where you have some time to yourself.
We all need to remember what planning has brought to our lives and keep that in mind through these rough months.

As you may know the 2020 online event has replaced the physical event this year but we are extremely excited for what this online event will bring to you all.
I think you might agree we need a laugh and a smile, so we plan to do just that.
Have a light hearted day with friends and enjoying the hobby we all have in common.

Stay safe and please be sure to join us for our online event.

Love Ellie and Holly!

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